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It is not surprising that the deer population continues to increase, practically taking over suburban and urban areas. After snow fall, their winter diet consists of woody browse, the twigs and stems of seedlings, saplings and shrubs. Their spring diet includes, buds, twigs, and developing foliage of woody and herbaceous plants.

Deer-RepellentDeer love roaming in areas where food is readily available, adult white tail deer will eat about 5 to7 lbs. of food daily. From grazing grass to eating tree leaves and plants, they have come to eat almost everything around our properties. It seems that no flower or shrub is truly off limits to their voracious appetite. To compensate, we have come to count on the few plants they refuse in our gardens to thwart them. More and more, plush, fragrant gardens are relegated to nostalgic dreams of days gone by, when deer were actually afraid of humans.

For this reason, we introduced the DEER REPELLENT program. This is a safe, non-chemical method that works by spraying trees & shrubs, as well as annual flowers & perennials, once a month. The pungent odor and taste, which fades from our senses but not the animals, can keep deer, rabbits, and other creatures away from your plants. It also helps to deter other insects that feed on flowers and shrubs.

Because of this program, I have been enjoining my tulips and annual flower every year, why don’t you. We are just a call away.


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