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PruningSelective Pruning is a natural way of caring for your plants and trees. Done correctly it keeps shrubs and trees clean and healthy, while also promoting colorful plant leaves and bark. This in turn helps to increase flowers & fruit, control growth, and prevent damage.

Selective Pruning begins by working shrubs and trees from the inside out, by cleaning all of the dead, broken wood, cross branches, and also by controlling the size or direction of the plant. Too often we see trees being cut to half the size because they have overgrown the area where they were planted. Sometimes we see healthy and beautiful shrubs removed because they are too big and growing on top of each other. These problems and more can be prevented by acting proactively, with regular pruning.

Knowing when, where and how much you can prune a shrub or tree is the key to a beautiful healthy plant. Protect your investment by pruning your plants to help maintain their strength, shape and beauty.


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